What do you do when you forgot password Facebook?

How to reset password Facebook

How to reset password Facebook
How to reset password Facebook

When you create Facebook and you log in to use in Smart Phone, after that you can use it for long term and you are rarely to log in with another smart phone or computer, so you will forget your password and username of Facebook.
This problem is not stuck anymore, our team will show you how to reset password account Facebook. However, we need you to have email account or phone number which you passed for creating Facebook account.

1.For people who has gmail account

  • First, visit Facebook app or on web browser and type and enter your gmail, after that click on forget account and click continue.
  • Maybe a minute or more than a minute you will get message code number from Facebook for reset password Facebook account. You must to fill these code for resetting password.
    After that you enter code number from your gmail, so you can pass new password to Facebook account successful.
Facebook reset password
Facebook reset password

2.For someone who use phone number to create Facebook

It is similar of reset password by gmail too.The resetting password Facebook by gmail you will get verify code on inbox gmail and the resetting by phone you will get code verify on SMS phone. So the resetting password by phone need you to get SMS only.

Facebook reset password on SMS phone
Facebook reset password on SMS phone

We hope that these way can help you to reset password Facebook account successfully. It doesn’t effect to Facebook account.

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