Ubuntu schedule auto reboot system

Ubuntu schedule auto reboot system

Normally if you want to reboot the Ubuntu system, you will use the command:#Reboot or click button reboot interface. If you want your Ubuntu system reboot by itself by set time or month to work automatic reboot.

Below way is an easy strategy that you can do by yourself for the Ubuntu system and will auto reboot using schedule.

The using command to Ubuntu auto reboot.

 $ sudo /sbin/shutdown -r +5

With the using +5 of the word below is mean minute that Ubuntu will reboot. Example: If you command $sudo/sbin/shutdown-r+5. it means waiting for 5 minutes Ubuntu system will automatically reboot.

Ubuntu using schedule date for automatic reboot system.
First, you visited crontap to create Ubuntu to process run/sbin/shutdown-r+5 by itself.

$ sudo crontab -e

After then need to add code on the below for set date for the auto-reboot Ubuntu system. but you need to understand that the first number of last 15 means every 15 minutes Ubuntu will automatically reboot the system and put * mean the second is an hour and third is a day and fourth is a month and fifth is a year, so you can delete all * and change to what you want.

15 * * * */sbin/shutdown -r +5

Restart crontab

$ sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart


On the above show for using crontap for auto-reboot Ubuntu system.

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