How to renew certificate certbot on Ubuntu

renew certificate certbot on Ubuntu

Certbot this provides a certificate ( SSL ) on the website for free License, the normal Certbot available SSL license on the website 90 days When more than 90 days SSL will expire date, So when your SSL (certificate) expires date you need to run a command on the bellow for renewing the certbot certificate on the Ubuntu server.

How to renew SSL (certificate) certbot on Ubuntu

$ sudo certbot --nginx
Certbot renew SSL Nginx
Certbot renew SSL Nginx
Ubuntu get SSL Certbot
Ubuntu get SSL Certbot
  1. Input your number for your website.
  2. You need input number 1 or 2 to install Certificate, and then input 1 or 2 for confirming install Certificate.


The tutorial shows you about renewing certificate (SSL) certbot on the Ubuntu system server running website by Nginx. The tutorial for renewing SSL available on your site 90 days if you need to want to auto-renew SSL on the server click here, #Certbot SSL Auto-renewals certbot SSL certificate.

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