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How to make security router and block someone can’t hack password

How to make security router and block someone can't hack password

It is true that default WiFi is not secure, because recently many routers were hack WiFi password even they do not the password. What will you do to protect it?
Do not worry, Twelve show will be shown you how to make security router by follow below.

1.Login admin your router example: ( and login password default ( username: admin, password: admin) or your password and user name which you changed.

Router Login admin
Router Login admin

2.And then click on Wireless and you will see WPS Settings and click one Button Disabled on WPS, When you click button disable so it will be close WPS mode and not allow to use “WPS mode” on your router for anyone try to access your WiFi by WPS mode.

Router disable WPS mode
Router disable WPS mode

Note: The menu which visited on the WPS mode shows in router Model TD-W8970 but other router need you to find in WPS or WPS mode and Unchecked or click on disable WPS so you will be successful for blocking someone cannot hack your router by WPS mode.

To close WPS or WPS mode it needs to do because if you do not close, someone will access your router by no need to has password WiFi.

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