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How to install Webserver on Ubuntu LTS

How to install Web server on Ubuntu LTS

Install web server by yourself

Web server is online worldwide work, you just have your sever or buy a Dedicated server to install to process hosting.
What do you do to install the webserver?

  1. Buy a domain from Godaddy ( ) or other companies (register for buy domain), You choose the name domain which you want that bought it in Godaddy or other websites for the seller domain.
Buy domain from Godaddy
Buy domain from Godaddy

2.Connect domain to web sever when you buy domain successfully and you need to add DNS domain connect to IP address machine server (IP public PC server ).

Godaddy Change DNS Domain
Godaddy Change DNS Domain

3.Install service hosting which you want such as (LAMP) stack ( 1.Install WordPress with lamp on ubuntu LTS and 2.Install lamp stack last version ).

This is the first step for you to install web server (Hosting website) by yourself and it is the best choice because you can manage all website hosting server with high security.

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