Clean up file spam windows without using program

Speed up windows

Speed up windows
Speed up windows

You know that when we use computer ( window 10, 7, 8 all operator system of windows) for long time, you will feel your computer is slow than first used or after the first used a bit, is it true for Twelveshow ask you?
The true answer is, it will be slow because of process of program, game, web browser or any application on your window. It makes file spam in drive C (window). Note: When you first your computer or using your computer a few days, it doesn’t has any problem and not effect to computer.
Below is the process for you how to speed up computer.

1.Try to performance troubleshooter.

  • The first means you can fix automatically all the problem of program. To fix it, you visited the Control Panel and click on troubleshooter and system security and you can click on web browser or system or others which you want to performance troubleshooter on it.

2.Delete program you never use.

  • You should delete program you used or program useless because it can make your computer slow.
Delete program you never use
Delete program you never use

3.Limit how many programs run at startup.

  • You should limit or close some program which automatic on window which start first on group policy ( gpedit.msc ).

4.Clean up your hard disk.

  • Clean file error on hard disk or file spam on recycle bin or on the windows clean.
Clean up your hard disk
Clean up your hard disk

5.Restart regularly.

  • When you use your computer hour to hours, it needs you to restart windows one time in order to make it better and good speed.

6.Add size computer system.

  • If you can add ram, or change hard disk SATA to SSD on your computer because it can push you computer has a good speed.

We hope that you can use these way when your computer run slow because these way will be made advantages and avoid using helping program to window in order remote file spam on window.

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